Hekima Jesuit Annual Sport

By Jean Amegble, SJ

It has now become a tradition that Hekima Jesuit community organizes sport competition between all his members. On the last October 20th, 2017, the whole community led by Fr John Ghansah, the Rector, held his second annual edition of sport community at Don Bosco Utume, a Salesian College in Nairobi.

The various competitions began on that Mashujaa Day with a prayer led by Fr Zoundi Joachim, SJ, spiritual Father of Hekima College.  Fr John Ghansah, SJ addressed to all the community a small speech of welcome. He reminded the whole community that “this sport event is an opportunity to entertain and enjoy time together as companion in Lord in a spirit of togetherness and fraternity. It’s a time to care about one another and to avoid useless conflicts within challenges”.

According to Reginald Nwakolobi, SJ, with regards to what happened last year the tournament this year was more. I was really impressed with the performance of the winning team Kwetu Kwenu – Shahidi”. Let’s listen to the whole interview reported by Honore Onana Olah:



In fact, the small communities of Hekima Jesuit community were divided in three teams (Kwetu–kwenu – shahidi, Maisha – Pamoja; Ushirika – Huduma and Karibuni), and were competing in various sports (volley ball, basketball, and soccer) and athletic activities (race for 2000m, 200m, 100m, and relay). It was in a joyful atmosphere that the sport activities took place. An interesting part of the competition was the race between all the formators of Hekima. The first place was won by Fr Sumani, SJ, professor of Liturgy.

Hekima Jesuit Sport Church

During the special Filipino lunch

The peak of the day was the sharing of lunch, a special Filipino lunch prepared and served by the Registrar of the college. It was a nice organization and though most of companions were exhausted at the end of the day, their hearts were filled with joy and happiness. The overall competition was won by the team “Kwetu-Kwenu and Shahidi” and they were rewarded with a barbecue grill.

Another participant on this activity Jean Amegble, SJ said that he “appreciated this opportunity given to the large community to play and enjoy together in a spirit of collaboration. I look forward for another edition next year” he added.

Let’s us notice also that Hekima Jesuit community is composed by seven small communities and more than twenty nationalities. The national Mashujaa Day (Mashujaa means heroes in Swahili) is an off-day in Kenya to honor the heroes who fought for independence of the country.

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