Taroh Amédée SJ President of Hekima Students Association

By Honore Onana Olah, SJ

Amedee Taroh, SJ., is the new President of the Students’ Association at Hekima College. This is what emerges from the day at the Hekima Chapel during the Thanksgiving Mass presided over by Fr. Victor Awiti, SJ., himself an alumni and former President of the same Association (2016-2017).

Indeed, Wednesday, September 05, 2018 will remain engraved in the memory of the Hekima academic community as the day where a former President of the Students’ Association, now a priest, blessed Taroh Amedee as the new president of the Students’ Association for the 2018-2019 academic year. During the Mass he presided over in the Hekima Chapel, Fr Victor Awiti, SJ., accompanied by Deacon Honoré Onana Olah, SJ passionately expressed his deep feelings that he was so touched to “come back home.”

Taroh Amedee SJ

Taroh Amedee SJ

At the beginning of his homily, Fr. Awiti, SJ., quoted St Jerome, saying that, “ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ” showing how such knowledge is very important for students in order to know Christ better. “When we contemplate the actions, teachings and the overall person of Jesus, we obviously add to the image of the love and care of God towards us,” he added. The presider invited both students from HIPSIR (Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations) and HEKIMA theologians to pay attention to the “major sicknesses of our days: corruption, injustice, immorality, oppression, etc”.  Fr Awiti, SJ., also took that opportunity to thank all the students, the lecturers and all the personnel of Hekima College for their prayers and their support.

Towards the end of the Mass Fr. Awiti, SJ., asked the congregation to extend their hands as a sign of communal blessing to the new President of the Students’ Association and the other newly elected officers (Derartu Negash- Secretary General and Burka Usura, SJ – Treasurer). Taroh Amedee, a Jesuit is from Chad and belongs to the West African Province (AOC) of the Society of Jesus.

The new President later shared a word of gratitude during the fraternal lunch and invited all to support him and his team in their new offices. He emphasized the need to increase the collaboration between Hekima College and the other Jesuit institutions and elsewhere. As an example of this collaboration, Mr. Christophe Oyoo, IMC., the President of the Tangaza University College Students’ Association, accompanied by Mrs. Brenda Muhanji, the secretary, was present at the historic event.

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