Christmas crib made by Fr Sumani SJHekima 2018

By Fr. Wilfred Sumani, SJ.

The home picture is the ecological Christmas Crib of 2018 made by Fr. Wilfred Sumani, SJ, Hekima’s resident liturgist. Here he is giving us the theological explanation:

Born in Bethlehem, “house of bread”, Jesus will at the Last Supper give himself to the world as bread of life. The birthplace of Jesus, therefore, points to the ultimate moment of Jesus’ kenosis. This year’s crib captures the richness of this theological reality.

Each of the plates carries one type of food eaten in Africa

The crib is in the form of a round table, symbolising the circle of life. Jesus is in the centre of the circle. The twelve disciples are represented by the twelve plates encircling Jesus. Each of the plates carries one type of food eaten in Africa and in other parts of the world. Jesus the Good Shepherd feeds his sheep within their cultural context.

Creation is also invited to the table of the Lord. This is symbolised by the forest and water occupying a section of the circle of life. The green grass and the water evoke Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd, whose echoes can be heard in the accounts of the miracle of the multiplication of bread (cf. Mark 6:39).

Ecological Note

The crib is made from recycled glass (bottles), mixed with wood glue. The mixture was dried in the sun.

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